Convex Japanese Shears and Bevel Cut Scissors sharpened to factory specs,  on site, right at your shop.  

Clipper Blades cleaned, sharpened and adjusted to factory specs for peek performance.

Keep your business running smooth and your four legged customers happy with clippers and scissors that cut close, smooth and fast.  Don't send them out or drive across town for service.  Simply call us.  We come to you.  

Hair Salons & 

Barber Shops

Animal Groomers and Vets

Mobile Sharpening Services


Serving Atlanta's restaurant community by providing our exchange program or onsite sharpening of your house knives.

Additionally, we can service most chopper, slicer and processor blades in the kitchen, right there onsite.

-Hair Stylist Shears
- Knives
-  Sewing shears
- Kitchen shears
- Clipper shears
- Shovels
- Hand Pruners
- Paper Cutters
- Axes
- Large hedge trimmers
- Machetes
- Lawn mower blades
- Lopping shears
- And much more!

About Us:
Atlanta Loves to Cook...  " Stay Sharp"  at home with Premier Sharpening of Atlanta.  Call today to schedule
 onsite service.   With our mobile van,  Professional Quality, Affordable Pricing and Flexable Appointments
Premier Sharpening of Atlanta makes  it so easy to enjoy our service right in your driveway.

The Process:

1) Make an appointment with PSA.

2) We come to you and inspect your blades before proceeding to service.

3) With inspection complete and prices quoted, "We get busy."

4) We complete the sharpening, hand you back your items sharpened, accept payment.

5) You Stay Sharp!


 Residential Customers
…Per Inch
$1*   Kitchen  Knives                    
Please Note:  High End Knives & Speciality Knives may cost more
                               to service due to the nature of the steel and edge. 
                               We will give you a firm price before service begins.               

$1...Per Blade  Inch*
             Lawn Mower Blades (off mower)
              Paper Cutters **
              Hedge Trimmers (non electric)

…Each Tool (Min Chg)
  $6   Axes (per side)
  $8   Hand Pruners
                House Shears
                Kitchen Shears
  $8    Clipper Blades 

   $10    Sewing Shears
                      Pinking Shears    
                  Loping Shears

*Minimum charge for residential onsite service: $50.00
*Includes most blade edge  repairs beyond just sharpening. 
*A separate quote will be given if a repair requires additional charges, prior to knife being sharpened. 
**Paper Cutters are priced based on the difficulty in disassembly and reassembly

Commercial Customers
*Price is dependent on frequency and quantity of knives. Contact us for a free quote today!


We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover as well as checks and cash.

Call us today at 404-394-6101 and make the appointment.  We'll come to you....Home or Work